Committed to the research of new materials.


The DR120H series materials developed and produced by us have better performance than ordinary materials. The surface density required to protect the AK47 7.62mm ordinary steel core bomb is not more than 17.5kg/m2

Established History
The US R&D Institute was set up in 2018, the traditional bulletproof materials such as Kevlar, Twaron and Spectra can no longer meet human needs

We set up the R&D center.committed to developing more flexible materials


Contact Details(Limited to academic exchanges ):

Call (833) 632 1933

Location Details:

1:Chicago Airport Access: 30-minute drive to Chicago O'Hare International Airport

2:Train station:3-minute walk to Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center (OTC)

3:Bus station:52 minutes to O'Hare International Airport by Subway (Blue Line). 

China's only military supplies company.there is special research and development institution in the United States.